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Pt. Baijnath Sharma Prachya Vidya Shodh Sansthan was founded in year 2005 by Dr. Ashok Kumar Sharma in Hathras district of Uttar Pradesh, India.



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Pt. Baijnath Sharma Prachya Vidya Shodh Sansthan

The secret of scientific knowledge hidden in the glories of India’s past attracts the speculative minds not only in India but also from abroad. There cannot be two opinions about the scientific validity of the philosophical observation that the past modifies the present not by asserting its past ness but by renewing its presence in the nature and quality of the ever-growing present. But it is disheartening indeed, at least for a man exposed to and trained in the rational and scientific ways of research and fact-finding, that a native’s approach to the glories of the ancient past of his nation is most often emotional, and not rational and scientific.

We, in India, have a tendency to look at our distant ancient glories through a quasi-scientific and a semitransparent appreciation. That allures intellectuals and even scientists to the ancient Indian books for the principles and theories of science that are either in the melting point or yet to come. The history of the development of scientific thought and research in India provide an ample evidence of serious and half serious attempts that have been made to study the ancient Indian books written in Sanskrit. These serious and half-serious studies have resulted into either an emotional appreciation of what probably was the level and extent of scientific discoveries and research in ancient India or an out and out rejection of the claim of such discoveries and research so made. In fact, both an utterly emotional appreciation on an utterly irrational rejection of the level and extent of scientific discoveries and research in ancient India are incomplete and prejudiced.


Our Founder

Dr. Ashok Sharma founded Pt. Baijnath Sharma Prachya Vidya Shodh Sansthan in year 2005 in rememberance of his late father Pt. Baijnath Sharma.

Dr. Sharma was a complete man of this time. He maintained the legacy of his forefathers very well. He is known today as a scholar in ancient sciences in our scared books like Vedas and Brahmin Granths and he spread his message of ancient Hindu philosophy and sciences in many a countries.

He took birth in the parentage of late Sh. Baijnath Sharma, who was a renowned astrologer, inventor and Homeopath of his time, on 9th Oct 1947 at Hathras. He was nurtured in a family where all the time the front room was filled with the learned astrologers, Pundits and who’s who of Hathras. So right from his childhood he was fond of learning new things and writing poems and was a good speaker in debates & logical discussions.

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