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Our Goals

    Discover the modes, methods and systems of both education and scientific research that prevailed in the academic climate of the Gurukul system in ancient India.

    Discover the ways and means that may be adopted as a part of the linguistic process with the help of which we may successfully understand the meaning and the precise scientific inference of the terms used in the text of ancient Indian books of pure science written in Sanskrit.

    Discover the original and authentic texts of books of pure science written in Sanskrit and distinguish them from the books of literary and folk significance.

    Discover the premises, concept, frames of reference, system of measurements, units, of measurement, methodologies of research and theories developed and used by ancients.

    Discover categories and explain the formations, mechanisms and functioning of the tools, instruments and apparatus mentioned to have been used by Rishis in ancient India to illustrate demonstrate and prove the scientific principle and theories propounded by them.

    Evaluate and compare results of modern science and theories with the science and theories developed by our ancients.

With these major objectives we propose to proceed for the furtherance of the work done by Pt. Baijnath Sharma under the trust that shall hereafter be known as Pt. Baijnath Sharma Prachya Vidya Shodh Sansthan, Hathras.


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