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This course is prepared by the faculty of Pt.Baijnath Sharma Prachya Vidya Shodh Sansthan, Hathras. The purpose of this course is to spread the knowledge of Sanskrit and Sanskriti to the English Speaking kids of present. We wish that, there understanding of Samskrit must help them counter any problem in life. Most of management, disciplinary and scientific secrets are hidden in Samskrit scriptures and texts, we encourage the kids to attain the level of that knowledge to understand it. Also the cultural heritage on Bharat is not known to them, which is also included in this course.

Samskrit is one of the oldest living languages in its pristine purity. It was the language of the ancient Bharateeyas; and is the language of Hindu scriptures and religious practices. There is a vast ocean of intelligence and wisdom in Samskrit literature.

Samskrit language is like the husk and all the Samskrit scriptures / literatures are the actual rice that will sustain us. If there is no Samskrit, then we will not have Samskriti, which we get from our rich heritage of scriptures, Itihasas, sciences, arts, literatures, etc. The sheer number and variety of Samskrit texts reflect the depth of Indian thought encoded in the Samskrit language. As narrated before, it is estimated that there are more than 5 million Samskrit texts – our lives are insufficient to read, understand and practice what is written there.

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) research found that Samskrit is a better language than English for computers. But it did not extend its research on how Samskrit is also a great language for human progress, world civilization and world peace. Romain Rolland had said, “What would have been the world without India but a merry go-round in nothingness.” Sri Aurobindo mentions in his essays published in the periodical, Arya, and later compiled by the Ashram in a small booklet titled “The Brain of India,” of the enormous capacity that an individual can accomplish through ‘Sadhana’ (discipline and practice). Bharateeya scriptures and other texts which are in Samskrit are beacons of light for Sadhana. They are revelations about the creation, cosmos and the creatures (human beings included). Instead of reading the translated versions (many of the translations are distorted), you can learn Samskrit and go to the source material and read them. Samskrit increases the brain power, and thus by learning Samskrit, our English language skills also get enhanced.

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